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Star Wars: Rivals is a third-person shooter where you take control of some of the most popular Star Wars franchise characters. This title comes as no surprise for Star Wars fans who can opt to play with over twenty-five different characters in total, including names like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Boba Fett.

In Star Wars: Rivals, the game's control system is also very well suited to touch screens. With your left thumb you move the camera to aim your weapon, while on the right side of the screen you have to deal with triggering buttons, finding cover and launching special attacks. Pressing either side of your screen, you can also move to other areas to get covered.

In Star Wars: Rivals, you choose going solo or facing off against other online players. That being said, 1p campaigns have you reliving some of the most epic moments of the saga with your favorite character. Online mode, on the other hand, gets you the ability to measure up your skills against other players in exciting PvP duels. In this type of clashes, each player controls three different characters, switching off between one character and another as you please.

Star Wars: Rivals is an entertaining 'third-person' shooter, which has come to be expected from Star Wars games among well-versed fans of the popular space opera. Overall this Star Wars: Rivals makes for a good game to play alone exploring each campaign mode, or just for competing against other online players.
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Android 4.4 or higher required

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